Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring/Summer Fabric Shopping

I know that the winter is not gone yet and I am still in the mood for some winter sewing, but the couple of warmer days which came (and are already gone for now) made me attracted to Spring/Summer-reminding fabrics. I also blame some of the new Spring sewing patterns that were already released by some of the pattern companies. I also blame these companies (of course not myself!! :-)) for my recent fabric shopping ;-).

Looking at the (let's call it) small stash of fabric I have accumulated during the last two to three weeks, I am once more reminded of the fact, that my sewing is far from any plan and that I rarely sew any coordinates. But I have to admit, that I don't like to sew for the lower part of my body, since I am bottom-heavy and there are literally no pants in the whole world that would look good on me at this point. Trust me - because I tried them all on at some point before buying the one pair I wear all the time :-D.  But this year I want to change a couple of things and finally plan to sew a couple of pants (and skirts) for myself. 

Looks like I am starting to write a bit off-topic. So, back to the fabric :-).

I have some plans with these, but I reserve myself the right to change my mind :-). 

This is a polyester satin and the color is much more vivid and fuchsia-like than in the picture. I bought this piece with M5977 on my mind. I know this is a pattern for knits, but I might be able to make it work in this poly satin - with a zipper maybe. I like the yellow or fuchsia pattern pics.

This is a 70% polyester/30% viscose blend which I love - I love the colors and the fabric abilty do drape nicely. I'd like to use it for V1220, but I am a bit hesitant, since the fabic's pattern might be a bit busy for this dress. But maybe if I used a one-color sash... Hmm, I'll see.

I was also looking for some fabric for V1233 and since I think that this dress looks so great on the pattern envelope because of the beautiful fabric used for it, I was looking for something similar. And I came around this 50% linen blend, which looks quite similar. It's not exactly the same, but I hope it will work. I am not quite sure, because the fabric is a bit heavy, but I am wiling to try it out :-).

This next fabric is a 50% cotton blend and I can't say much about it yet, only that I think it's beautiful and I'd like to turn it into a Spring/Summer jacket.

I dread sewing with sheer fabrics - and that has to be the reason why I've bought this sheer Missoni-like poly, ehm, right? But it was so vivid and happy-looking lying around in the shop, that I had to have a piece for a summer blouse/top.

I've bought the next fabric, because I thought it looked interesting and would be great for a skirt or a dress. Since I am partial to dresses, I've bought enought for a dress. It consists of 65% oly and I have no idea about the rest, because I couldn't decode it on the fabric's label. I've chosen this Vogue 1190 for it so far, but I think it might be just too heavy for this pattern. Maybe only the color palette of the fabric made me think of the pattern and it'll become something else.

I also prewashed the fabric and since it's all somehow embroidered, a piece of it ended up like this, so I'll have to fix it or avoid it when placing a pattern on the fabric. 

Here's the last fabric from the stash above and it's a 100% poly again. I think it would make a nice boho Summer blouse, maybe this BWOF 6/2009-108.

Sooo, the only thing I need now is some spare time to sew - hopefully and maybe this weekend?

Happy sewing to everyone :-)!


  1. Such beautiful fabrics and such wonderful pattern choices. I hope that you are able to "cut out" some time for sewing. Can't wait to see the results!

  2. I plan to make M5977 soon, too.

    You picked up some great patterns and fabrics to go with them.