Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mojo Lost, Mojo Found

Once in a while, nearly every blogging sewer writes a post about a missing mojo and no wish to sew whatsoever. Before I started reading blogs about sewing, I didn't even know the word "mojo":-) and from the time I had started to sew, I have never experienced this feeling - no wish to sew, until recently. I had sewing plans, but for some time, I just lost my motivation to sew. I didn't stop reading all the nice blogs about sewing, I kept looking for new sewing patterns and I didn't lose my interest in shopping for fabric, I just couldn't force myself to sew. 

Fortunately, this time is gone and I am back in the saddle :-). The pattern I have chosen to sew up after such a long time without sewing is Vogue 8333 - a jacket with a very nice pocket detail. 

It's not an easy project. Only tracing all the pattern pieces took me about 5 hours, but at this moment, the fabric pieces are beginning to look like a jacket. I am taking my time to do everything very precisely, so that after all the days of work I don't end up with a wadder (although one can never be sure about that...).   

Because I am not a very experienced sewer and the pattern is quite complicated, containing many pattern pieces, I am not doing any major adjustments on the garment (I'll be happy if I finish it without any big mishaps :-D), so I'll have to be satisfied with the fit right out of the envelope. On the other hand, the size 6 looks like a pretty good fit for my figure so far.

There are two sets of instructions in the pattern envelope - one written by Claire Shaeffer and one that I call commercial. I follow the regular instructions, but sometimes help myself with the other set, because sometimes I find the couture instructions easier to understand or simpler to follow. 

Creativity is messy and I am very creative! :-D

This is what the jacket looks so far:

The pocket detail in making:

This was the first time I used a stay tape in a sewing project. Since I had no experience with it, I had no commercial stay tape at home. The book "Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers" from Julie Cole and Sharon Czachor helped me with this a lot and I made my own stay tape. 

... it feels good to sew again :-)...

Thank you to everyone, who took the time to leave a comment on my last (wedding) post and to everyone who is reading or following my blog and haven't lost interest in it during my unplanned inactivity. I really appreciate it.

Have a lovely weekend! :-)

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  1. So glad that you're back to sewing! Your jacket looks wonderful already. I love that pattern. Good luck with it. (Yes, there are a lot of pieces to it!)