Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Butterick 5562 Top

This is how I originally imagined my Christmas holidays / vacation - no real obligations, staying at home whenever I feel like that and sew as much as desired. And I am sticking to my plan :-)! That 's why I spent another (not entire) day with sewing.

This has been my probably quickest project so far. I traced the pattern the evening before yesterday (I don't cut patterns, I always trace them) and have it made yesterday in a couple of hours.

This is the pattern and I made the view B - the third in the row in this picture.

It's a long sleeved top with gathered sleeves - they are gathered in the sleeve cap area as well as in the part under the elbows. The top itself is quite long, as well as the sleeves - but I like this prolonged silhouette.

The colors in the pics are not accurate - the fabric's colors are much more accurate in one of my previous posts, when I photographed it after brining it just home. I'll have to buy a better camera, since this one  -  not even mine - doesn't deal with interior lighting etc...  very well.

The sleeves are gathered with help of an elastic - this one is the most decent one I was able to get my hands on. I wanted to buy a clear one (Victoria of Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing inspirated me in this case), but I don't think they ever heard of such an elastic in the shop I went to, although it's a pretty big shop with otherwise a lot to choose from... So I ended up with this black one and I am satisfied with it. This was my first time of sewing an elastic right into the garment and I am quite happy with my work. I love it, when I get to try out a new sewing technique (well, new for mee :-)) and it goes well.

There is also another first time I experienced with this project. Before I discovered the american sewing patterns producers, I had no idea there were patterns which included seam allowances in the pattern drawings. So, after I came to purchasing these patterns, I used to trace the patterns and then eliminate the SAs from them. With time I learnt to leave them there in cases where I only had to sew close-to-straight seams, like the side seams. But this time, I left the SAs in the whole pattern and I quite enjoyed sewing the entire top this way. I only had to help myself with a marker at the neckline. Maybe it was so easy this time, because this pattern doesn't have any tricky seamlines. 

Yesterday I also managed to finish the Simplicity dress - with buttons and everything, so they will be a subject of my next post.

See you soon :-)!


  1. Lovely top Zuzana! I love your choice of fabric--it's really pretty! I'm new to your blog and am looking forward to seeing what you plan to sew in the future! Happy sewing to you and nice work:)

  2. Hi Victoria,
    thank you very much for visiting a following my blog!


  3. Beautiful top Zuzana. Interesting note about your experience with the seam allowances - I had the opposite when I first began sewing with Burda. I didn't know I had to include seam allowances and always thought the patterns ran small!