Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inspired Sewing and Spring Coat Progress Report

I really like the trend of brocade clothes - dresses, skirts, jackets..., you name it. Since seeing Abbie Cornish in this gold Yves Saint Laurent skirt in one of the recent Marie Claire (US) issues, I was thinking about making one like that. I am not sure if the skirt she's wearing is a brocade one and I see there are fringes which I don't envision in my version, but it was inspirational enough to look for a similar fabric.

Other inspirations:

 Simply Vera Vera Wang

 Alexander McQueen

So I am happy I've got this piece of brocade fabric into my possession and I will turn it into a skirt inspired by the pictures above. I especially love it styled with a simple white shirt. The fabric was a remnant, but one big enough (1,6 m) to make something else out of it to match the skirt as well.

But before I even start with something else, I need to finish the trench that I started to sew ages ago. I lost some precious sewing time with unpicking all the seams that kept the sleeves attached to the trench's body (they were already serged and all :-/), because the shoulder seems ended up to be just too long and the sleeves were set in too wide. Of course, I should have seen that before sewing and serging them in, but, oh well, it was just too late to cry over the spilled milk. 

The outer shell as well as the lining are finished now, the collar (with a stand) is attached to where it belongs and the lining is attached to the outer shell in some places. I'll see how much time I'm going to have this week, but I'd like to have it (at least nearly) done by Wednesday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Have a great upcoming week :-)! 


  1. I'm a sucker for a pretty brocade. Have fun sewing that pretty fabric.