Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Progress Report

I am still working on the McCall's 2252 trench. I wouldn't call it a continuous process, since I didn't sew a single stitch the last week - I was abroad for four days and had no time to sew. Then yesterday, I traded a couple of hours of the pre-midnight sleep for sewing and what I've got so far is this:

The sleeves are not attached yet, nor the collar, but I've finished the lining so now it needs to be sewn to the outer shell. I am also thinking about shortening the coat a bit. I think it runs a bit too long, looks longer than in the picture (McCall's 2252, view E) to me. 

I hope the next sewing "session" or two will be enough to finish the trench. As it is getting its shape slowly, I am starting to be curious what the finished garment will look like :-).

Have a nice week and happy sewing :-).


  1. Looks wonderful! Sometimes projects do seem to take forever, but just think how pleased you will be when it's done. I know that you will look so lovely in this coat.

  2. It's going to be worth all your hard work, some things are definitely worth spending time on!