Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mid-week Ramblings

There was some sewing going on during the past weekend in our apartment and the Spring coat begins to look more like a trench than a fabric puzzle, but there is still a lot to be accomplished. 

The reason why I didn't have more time to sew was our trip to Vienna (Austria) and that's where I've discovered a great fabric/sewing notions shop (in fact, there are three shops of this one owner, but I've only been to this one so far).

The thing is, that although I live in the capital city of our state, it is not a big city and there are only very few shops with fabric and sewing notions (and this rule can be applied to many other areas of life). Soo, since Vienna is only about 55 km from where I live (my city lies on a state border), we quite often happen to look for things we need/want there, if it's not possible to find here. That's how I stumbled upon this shop ( 

It's got two floors and these are full of beautiful fabric, satin ribbons, buttons, sewing patterns, threads, needles, etc. I didn't mean to buy any fabric, but you might already guess how it all ended up. I was quite overwhelmed by the supply (the next time I go there I am having a plan :-D) so I bought only four pieces of fabric (everything remnants). Three of them are not really outstanding in comparison to all the other fabrics there, but I really like them. The next time - when I know what I am looking for, I'll get something I'll need for particular projects. 

The shop has a great supply of special occasion fabrics (including bridal fabrics) and since I've been overly fascinated by evening gowns and dresses lately, I bought a piece of an evening gown fabric as well. There were no labels with the content of these fabrics.

The one special occasion fabric is a beautiful royal blue fabric (the remnant has 2 meters) - satin circles sewn on a sheer base (the picks don't do it justice)...

I envision it transformed in something like this:

pictures from

The other three fabric remnants (if 2 meters of fabric can be called a remnant...) are of an unknown content as well - the first two being sheer, the last one a stretch material / knit. I see them turned into a tunic and summer dresses.

As I was saying - these days I am in LOVE with evening gowns. I am fascinated by the fact, that someone is able to make something so spectacular as a beautiful evening gown / wedding dress from a flat piece of fabric. I'd love to learn that - at least to that point to which it is possible to learn "at home". I am not saying I have the time to do that right now, but I definitely do want to master it one day :-). So while surfing on the net and admiring all the great dresses I came along these patterns that caught my eye and that have finally found a way to my pattern stash:

Some elements of Vogue 1701 remind me of these beautiful dresses...

pictures from

... Vogue 1853 reminds me of this fantastic number by Elie Saab:

picture from

... and Vogue 2904 makes me think of this wedding dress:

picture from

OK, I don't think I'll be able to create these fantastic dresses any time soon :-), but I girl can have a dream, so let's pretend that the patterns, their instructions and a certain amount of determination can be a point to start from :-)...

Have a great week :-)! 

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  1. Your fabric choices are wonderful. Love that blue fluttery fabric. Evening gowns are not all that difficult to sew. You'll make your dream dress one of these days.