Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Non-Christmas Shopping

I've had so little time for me and my hobbies lately, that I am already pretty much annoyed. I truly hope, that it's going to change now, after everyting unavoidable has been managed (some reorganisations in the apartment, pre-Christmas cleaning and other "lovely" activities).

I won't share pictures of the pink Burda jacket now, since I didn't manage to make them yet, but I plan to do this by the end of the work week. What I am going to share with you is the new fabric I coudn't resist purchasing. 

These two pieces of fabric that have found home in my fabric stash are planned to become a jacket  (left) and a vest (right). They are of the same colour (not that the picture would truly show that...), but different textures. The left one is nicely soft (100% polyester) and the right one has got a crushed texture (viscose + polyester). They complement each other really well and I hope the finished garmants will turn out nicely.

The second pair of fabric has caught my eye immediately as I spotted it and although I only have a very vague idea about their future form, I had to have them. Both carry the same pattern, but one is a cotton/spandex blend (top) and the other is transparent polyester (bottom). A friend of mine is having a wedding in the summer and I think these fabrics can become a lovely dress for that event. I visualize a sheath dress (or maybe a dress with a wider skirt?) and something like a loose shrug with long loose sleeves. 

My not-so-successful attempt to transfer my visualisation on a paper...

 ... and a pattern to start with? Vogue 1176

 We'll see - the summer looks so distant now...

Another bunch of (this time) Butterick patterns has arrived. I always get so excited, when sewing patterns arrive - it's a small (or big?) obsession, really. I don't think I need any more sewing patterns, but I can't stop "collecting" them. Is there a self-help group for people obsessed with sewing patterns? Hi, my name is Zuzana and I can't stop buying sewing patterns ;-)...

Have a lovely and successful week and yay! for the upcoming Christmas holidays! ;-)


  1. There are much worse addictions than buying patterns. Besides - you're establishing a library of possible future fashions. I look at purchases of patterns and fabric as an investment in my dreams. Some dreams come to life. Some don't.

  2. If you find the this support group for pattern addicts please let me know! I need to join someones group for my pattern addiction! lol