Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working On a Jacket - BWOF 5/2006 - 107

I am currently working on my first jacket. Well, the first one that is (hopefully) going to be finished :-). I began to sew one during this summer, but I got somehow discouraged, because at that time, I wasn't attending the sewing course I normally go to (summer vacation) and I felt like I needed some help.

So after the new "semester"of the course started, I decided it was time to learn how to sew a jacket. I have quite a lot of books on sewing, even a DVD on how to sew a jacket, but if I get a real-human  assistance, that can't hurt :-).

I went through my (still growing :-/) stash of patterns, but didn't find any I would like in the fabric of my choice. So I went through all the Burda magazines I own (I keep buying them for about 8 years now, so you can imagine) and settled finally on the pattern 107A from BWOF 5/2006 (the Czech edition):

I already cut out the pattern pieces from the fashion fabric, but everything else is still waiting to be done. The fashion fabric is 100% polyester in a brocade look. I have two fabrics to choose from for the jacket lining - a tone-in-tone one (pink polyester) and a contrasting one (khaki-brownish-golden viscose).  I think I prefer the contrasting one, already because of the fact that it's not polyester and it gives an impression of a more luxurious look/feel. 

For the past couple of weeks I sometimes got only about three sewing hours a week, so I hope it won't take an eternity to finish this project. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I will be admiring all the beautiful garmets that you come up with all the time.