Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Clothes That Make My Heart Skip a Beat

I've spent some time on the website to have a look at how the Spring 2013 trends are interpreted in collections of various fashion designers. Among the trends to keep an eye on this Spring are:

* graphic prints, including stripes
* neon colors
* exotic prints and textiles, often combined in patchwork looks and multilayer garments
* leather and leather details
* lingerie look, lace and transparent, sheer fabrics
* ruffles and flounces
* power suits

There are a couple of fashion collections that have caught my eye and I chose three I find amazing and I just couldn't NOT make a blog post about them :).

The first collection that makes my heart sing is the Zac Posen Spring 2013 RTW one. It is a masterpiece full of very feminine elements - beautiful dresses, light fabrics, floral patterns and shine and ruffles everywhere.

Badgley and Mischka Spring 2013 RTW - another fabulous collection in pale, muted colors, with a touch of metallic fabrics and lots of flowy materials. Very elegant and sophisticated. What's not to like...

The third collection I have to talk about is Gucci Spring 2013 RTW.  Again, very feminine, but unlike the first two collections mentioned, this one is in black, white and strong neon colors. The feminine puffy sleeves, flounces and flowy fabrics are in an interesting contrast with the strong colors and make the whole collection stand out from the crowd.

I hope you have enjoyed the eye candy :).

Is there a trend or a fashion collection that keeps you inspired this Spring?

Friday, February 8, 2013

McCall's 5704, Sort Of...

This is the third day in a row that I'm trying to put this post up. The reason: on January 16, I became a mom of 3300g of cuteness called Adam, whose innocent eyes are only a well-covered disguisement of the fact, that he is a 19/7 job (the remaining 5 hours a day, he is asleep, so I am kindly allowed to take a nap too :).. So after three weeks of being a substitute for a newborn's bed mattress I am trying my best to one-handedly write this blog post (and finish it before March comes around :).

Since it's pretty difficult to sew with a baby glued to one's body, at the moment I can't brag with a new creation from my sewing room (a.k.a. our living room). (And how much do I want to sew!!) Instead, I made a decision to blog about some pieces I made before my blogging era that haven't been mentioned here.

This dress which came to its existence on the basis of the McCall's 5704 pattern, is one of the first garments I've made and is in fact probably my favorite piece of the few clothes I've made so far. For the bodice I used McCall's 5704, which I prolonged for 10 cm, so that it hits my waist instead of remaining the empire-styled one. I drafted the skirt part of the dress myself. 

The dress is quite loose in the waist area, so I wear it cinched with a belt. I've made a belt from the same fabric as the dress as well, but since it has a tendency to fade into the fabric pattern, I usually wear it with a brown leather belt like in the picture, to show off some shape.

One of the reasons why I love this dress is the fabric it's made of. It's a kind of a knit blend and I have no idea what kind, but it's very comfortable and just a delight to wear. I still have a cyclamen and white version of it in my fabric stash. I am fighting the urge to use it for another dress of the same cut.
The other reason is the very well fitting upper part - I didn't have to do any changes to the sleeves or the collar area and it fits like a glove.

The next thing on my plan is to shed the pregnancy weight and get some regime into my new life, so that I can incorporate sewing into it. I am inspired all the time by other sewing bloggers and the Spring fashion - I only need one hand to browse the internet (and buy sewing patterns :-P).  
Aah, good that I am a woman and therefore can multitask :)...

See you as soon as my new diapers-needing boss allows me to ;).