Sunday, October 7, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

I made quite a long pause in blogging, but I was not just lazing around. I was making plans for my future sewing. I am in a mood for sewing, but as I mentioned already in my last post, as a constantly (horizontally :-/) growing woman expecting a baby, I don´t want to sew any pregnancy clothes and I don´t feel like sewing for my future surely-very-slender-myself :-), because my present figure does not remind me of my original proportions in no way.

So I made a decision to sew something for the baby. I am not a huge fan of the classic gender-showing color schemes to be used for baby textiles (a girl - pink, a boy - blue), but I still felt the urge to know who I am going to sew for. So before sitting down to think (and browse the internet) for some coordinating cotton fabrics, I waited to find out the baby´s gender. I have to say, I was somehow relying on having a girl (I already saw myself making all the flowers and bows and ruffly skirts :-)), but as you can already guess, I am having a boy. First, I was cogitating my chances to still sew some ruffly stuff full of bows for a little boy :-), but ended up putting his future mental health (and chances to survive among his future little male friends :-)) first.

My plan - to sew some bedding necessities for the baby´s bed (a bumper for the bed, a pillow cover, a blanket cover, a quilt...). After hours and hours of looking at hundreds of different baby nurseries on the internet, I ended up in quite a sad and confused frame of mind. The girl nurseries are always so sweet and cheerful, but the boys´ ones are somehow... murky. After having a look at about all the cotton fabrics out there, I now know why. It is very challenging to find a color scheme for a baby boy, that wouldn´t look somehow a) grown-up or b) girlish. 

So, it looks like I will end up in the grown-up-look group. I liked quite a handful of color-coordinating fabric collections that would be great candidates for my plans, but the final decision was just nowhere to be seen. Eventually, after some ridiculously long time, I did make up my mind and this is my final choice of the fabric palette:

I used pictures from the Fat Quarter Shop website to create this fabric palette

I further played around with the fabric pictures and ended up with this possible-quilt-to-be. I was inspired by a free quilt pattern I found on the internet, but can´t find again right now for a proper reference (will add it here as soon as I find it again). 

This is just a first attempt to make a visual plan of what I have in my mind. After some centimeter-counting I found out the quilt will probably have 4x6 squares (not 3x4) and I still can´t swear I won´t change my mind about any aspect of this quilt decision :-). I don´t have much time to make this plan into reality (still need to think about the bumper and bedding covers), then find out how much of which fabric I need and then order it ASAP. Oh, yeah, and sew it up...

I am already studying some quilt literature (this is going to be my first real quilt), because I only made one set of bedding covers and a bumper in my past in a quilted look (for my friend´s baby girl), not really knowing what I was doing :-). 

So, this is the plan so far. 

I really hope I´ll be able to transform the plan into reality - especially time-wise, since I still have a great lot to do before my due date which is in January. And, oh yeah, I have a full-time job, so that could pose a minor obstacle in the way of all the things I have to accomplish too :-).

Wish me luck,

C U all (I swear I´ll try my best) soon :-).