Sunday, July 28, 2013

Unfaithful (to Sewing)

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog, even though I have been such a lousy blogger recently. Even lousier than my lousy standard. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for not giving up on me and my blog. I have to admit, that I would have the time to blog, only if there was something to blog about...

Do you know how you can find out that you really miss sewing? It's been months since I was able to sew at least a stitch on my sewing machine and the other day I just needed to repair something like two centimeters of a ripped seam on a pair of trousers and the couple of stitches on the sewing machine I made made me feel very happy :D. So that's how I can say that I really miss sewing...

My little son Adam is already six months old and I don't know where the time has gone. But that is a completely different story :).  
This blog is a blog about sewing, but because I did not make a single stitch on my sewing machine for ages (if you don't take into account the trousers I have just mentioned and I suppose you don't :), I did not write a post in ages either. It makes me feel somehow bad, but what I hate about the situation even more is the lack of a creative outlet I just need, to have a kind of a balance in my life. So I figured that until I get to my sewing machine I need to find another way to be creative. 

The last week we've been to a week-long vacation and I made a decision to finally learn to crochet. I have learned to knit as a child, but I couldn't learn to crochet if my life was dependent on it, even though my mum showed me how to do it as often as I asked - and it wasn't once... 
So I have bought the book First Crochet: Projects for Beginners from Lesley Stanfield, a couple of hooks and some wool and packed them into my suitcase together with my firm resolution to finally learn to crochet.

My first day ended up with three failed attempts to get the pattern right - as it was portrayed in the book, but I eventually got around it and here is the result so far - a future blanket, which is going to be finished some time around 2030 I guess, knowing the number of these squares (something between 400 and 475) I need to complete:

The squares are still far from perfect, but as a complete beginner I am quite happy with the results so far - I am sure the square number 475 will be just impeccable :).

I apologize to my readers that this is not a post about sewing, but crocheting. A book, a hook and some wool are much more portable than a sewing machine and I was only able to steal a half an hour here and there on our vacation to make this piece of a (fingers crossed) future blanket. 

I very much hope to get to sewing very soon. But I am not my own boss since Adam was born :), so I can just hope. On the other hand, I don't forget what I promise and because in the comments to the post about this Burda top I somehow promised to get and post some pictures of me wearing it, I will do that soon. 

Until then, happy sewing and thank you once again!