Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding and Stuff...

First I have to say thank you to everyone, who commented on my last post, the Vogue dress and my then-upcoming wedding :-)! I am quite a stubborn person, so even though I had known a simpler pattern would have been a sure bet, I had to try to sew up the one, that I pretty much could have known was impossible to finish. (This is probably not a grammatically correct sentence, but I hope you know what I mean :-D.)

It's been a loooong time since I last blogged, but I just wasn't able to manage all things at once - the wedding preparations were very time-consuming and I couldn't "waste" time I didn't even have with other activities, like sewing for example. Having said that, I also think that all the work and time I invested in sewing decorative tablecloths, napkin rings, ring-bearer pillow, garters and preparing other decorative stuff paid off, because the wedding reception was even better than I hoped.

The weather was great, sunny and hot (looks like the hottest day of this rather cold summer so far), which was an important part of it all, since it took place in a garden under wedding tents. Everything was very pretty, which I have to admit very immodestly, taking into account also the esthetic part I was responsible for :-). I had an idea of what I liked and wanted, but I couldn't imagine it coming all together, which finally did better than I had hoped.

On the other hand, I'm glad I don't have to go through it all again any time soon :-)... We were gifted with an extra portion of adrenaline two days before the ceremony, as we found out, that the church we were supposed to be married in was completely covered with scaffolding from the inside, so we had to find a new one in two days, which wasn't really a part of the original plan...

Here are a couple of pictures for those, who might be interested. I've only got a couple of the professionally taken pictures so far (some of them are here) and I'm still waiting for the rest.

My mum decorated the muffins. The ribbons, napkin rings etc, which look rather reddish here, are in fact magenta colored. The tents above the tables had casted shadows which made the magenta-colored objects look red...

While I was sewing the tablecloth number 678.987 (there were "only" about 27 in reality, but it felt like a million to me when sewing them up), I began to feel like a robot... A professional sewing one.

The cake looked exactly like I described my idea to the bakery (loved it) and it tasted deliciously. Vanilla, chocolate and raspberry. Yummy! This picture was made by a friend, not the professional photographer and it doesn't show its real colors - especially the beautiful magenta/fuchsia-colored roses, so I hope to have a better picture from the photographer later.

Now I'm back from vacation and I'm quite motivated and full of hope, that I'll be able to do all the things I like (or at least some of them), which had to be put on hiatus before the wedding. Like sewing. There are a couple of UFOs lying around the apartment, which have to be completed. I'm very bad at coming back to unfinished projects, so I'll probably start (and finish :-)) something new and then come back to what has to be done. Aahhh.

I'm sorry for the not-to-sewing-related post, although it explains why there's no finished garment to report about. Next time I'll do better :-).

Have a great creative week :-)!