Saturday, April 6, 2013

Top - BWOF 4/2005 - 106 A

I haven't got around sewing yet (looking a little blamingly (and therefore a little ashamed) at my 11 weeks old son), so I am going to write about another piece of garment I made a long time ago.

It's not a spectacular piece of art or anything close to it, but I think it's worth mentioning, because this is a very easy to sew and easy to wear top. In fact, it's one of my favorite pieces I've made (which is not many, but still :)...

I've made this tunic-like top from a fabric I had at home for ages and I have no idea about its composition - it's multi-tone, with metallic threads going through it and it's got a nice drape.

The pattern I used is the number 106, view A from an old Burda World of Fashion magazine, namely from April 2005 and I think the pattern is pretty timeless.

There is not much to say about my work on this top. I serged (overlocked) the whole thing (with an off-white thread, because at that time I think I only had two colors at home - off-white and antracyt). 

I like wearing the top in summer, with a light camisole underneath to avoid unwanted body exposure :), because the V-neck and sleeves are cut quite widely. It's ideal with white linen pants for the ultimate easy-breezy summer comfort.

I can recommend this pattern to any sewing beginner for the ease of its construction, but in fact to anyone for its easy-to-wear character.

Now I hope I get to sewing (at least something) in a matter of weeks (depends on the little boss a.k.a. my son), because I've got myself a little (or not so little) helper and I can't wait to test it - whether it will work as I had imagined it... Hm hmm...

The helper will be introduced in the next post.

Until then, happy sewing to all :).