Monday, April 9, 2012

Confessions of a UFO-holic

I've had no plan to stop sewing or blogging for such a long time. But around Christmas, as I was "forced" to change my sewing room (a.k.a. our living room) back to what it really is, a living room, you know... it took me a looooong time to get all my sewing stuff back from where it was unwillingly hiding. This doesn't mean that I wasted all this time just lazing around. I was working on some other stuff, doing some other crafts, which I might talk about some time later, but I don't feel like it could be a consistent part of this blog just yet.

On the other hand, to tell the truth, I had no idea that a virtual space such as a blog can make me feel guilty for not being active on it :-D. Haunting me around for letting it hibernate in a winter sleep. Well, now I know :-). 

Anyway, since I obviously need a kick in my non-sewing butt, I stopped hiding from myself and cleared my closet from all the skeletons, understand UFOs. Nooo, I haven't finished them up, haha (who was so naive to think that?), but I was brave enough to count them and give myself a long mental lecture on my inability to finish up (so many) sewing projects. (In fact, I can judge myself pretty lucky that this only applies on my sewing and not the rest of my everyday life!)

So, here are confessions of a UFO-holic:

This dress is waiting to be hemmed and get a single button on the back. The reason why I originally left it like this was my fear to hem it. The sheer fabric is flimsy and frays like hell, so as a beginning sewer I was afraid to potentially destroy an otherwise well-sewn dress. McCall' s 5805:

Another dress. Needs to be hemmed and sleeves and collar facing are missing. Well, they are cut and prepared to be sewn where they belong. Prepared... for a looong time now. Simplicity 2444:

A floral coat. I had it nearly done, but I forgot one small detail. So, to make it properly, I had to take apart a part of its collar. I also had some difficulties with the vent. The details were time consuming. At that time more than anything else I needed to sew and create some decorations and accessories for my wedding and just didn't come around it anymore. McCall's 5525:

This should have been an instant gratification project. It turned out as an instant annoyance project. Everything went well until I accidentally made a hole into the fabric. It wasn't that bad - it was near a seam under the breast area, but after fiddling with the fabric for some time I just got so annoyed, that... I obviously let it lay like this and walked away from it for that moment. I meant to finish it up the next day.  Weeeeeeell, looks like that had not happened... Butterick 5497 top:

The Vogue 8333 jacket I was so proud of. I put a lot of working hours into this jacket and the only thing it needs to be finished is to attach the lining to the lower hem and sleeves and make 5 buttonholes. Do I need to say more?

This top was made with a pattern from Burda Style magazine. The reason why it's not finished up is very simple - I can't finish its armholes in a presentable way. This one is laying around unworn only because of this. (But don't ask me why I didn't place the pattern on the fabric in a more fabric-pattern-friendly way... :-D).

Another dress. Stumbled upon a sewing problem with a convex and concave angles. I believe I might be able to sew it now. After that, only sleeves and a hem will be missing. Butterick 5279:

Dear fabric pieces, what would you like to be when you grow up? We want to be tops! Vogue 1217 and McCall's 5977:

Another unfinished dress. One day it's going to be Vogue 1154 - as soon as I overcome two issues. One is that I put on some kilos and won't be able to stuff them into this current dress size (hopefully to be tackled soon :-)) and this one (hopefully to be tackled as soon as I will be able to get into the pre-cut size).  

Please, bear with me, "only" two more left. If you haven't fallen asleep yet, here they are. Vogue 1189 dress (purple snake fabric) and Burda 7444 top (purple double-knit). 

Yes, there is no mistake. You can count - it makes twelve unfinished sewing projects. I was trying to fool myself into believing that it's not that bad, since they were emerging in the course of more than 2 years, but who do I want to fool...? (Me! :-D)

So, this was a self-torturing process of fighting my I-am-not-that-bad-at-finishing-sewing-projects denial. Not that I would feel anyhow relieved - now, that I assured myself that I actually am that bad at finishing sewing projects :-D... Frown...

Anyhow, I really like some of these poor unfinished garments and some of them would be great for the (hopefully) upcoming Spring temperatures, so I will try to finish them up. 

Hmmm. Have I heard this somewhere before...? ;-)

Before coming to the end of this terribly long and probably pretty boring blog post, I'd like to thank to every reader, especially the following ones, who were patient enough to not to unsubscribe from my hibernating blog. Another thank you belongs to those new followers who were nice enough to newly follow my blog although it was in the before-said hibernating state!

I wonder, am I actually a better blogger when I don't blog... :-D? Hmmm, I've something to thing about... ;-). 

Until next time :-)...!