Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring/Summer Fabric Shopping

I know that the winter is not gone yet and I am still in the mood for some winter sewing, but the couple of warmer days which came (and are already gone for now) made me attracted to Spring/Summer-reminding fabrics. I also blame some of the new Spring sewing patterns that were already released by some of the pattern companies. I also blame these companies (of course not myself!! :-)) for my recent fabric shopping ;-).

Looking at the (let's call it) small stash of fabric I have accumulated during the last two to three weeks, I am once more reminded of the fact, that my sewing is far from any plan and that I rarely sew any coordinates. But I have to admit, that I don't like to sew for the lower part of my body, since I am bottom-heavy and there are literally no pants in the whole world that would look good on me at this point. Trust me - because I tried them all on at some point before buying the one pair I wear all the time :-D.  But this year I want to change a couple of things and finally plan to sew a couple of pants (and skirts) for myself. 

Looks like I am starting to write a bit off-topic. So, back to the fabric :-).

I have some plans with these, but I reserve myself the right to change my mind :-). 

This is a polyester satin and the color is much more vivid and fuchsia-like than in the picture. I bought this piece with M5977 on my mind. I know this is a pattern for knits, but I might be able to make it work in this poly satin - with a zipper maybe. I like the yellow or fuchsia pattern pics.

This is a 70% polyester/30% viscose blend which I love - I love the colors and the fabric abilty do drape nicely. I'd like to use it for V1220, but I am a bit hesitant, since the fabic's pattern might be a bit busy for this dress. But maybe if I used a one-color sash... Hmm, I'll see.

I was also looking for some fabric for V1233 and since I think that this dress looks so great on the pattern envelope because of the beautiful fabric used for it, I was looking for something similar. And I came around this 50% linen blend, which looks quite similar. It's not exactly the same, but I hope it will work. I am not quite sure, because the fabric is a bit heavy, but I am wiling to try it out :-).

This next fabric is a 50% cotton blend and I can't say much about it yet, only that I think it's beautiful and I'd like to turn it into a Spring/Summer jacket.

I dread sewing with sheer fabrics - and that has to be the reason why I've bought this sheer Missoni-like poly, ehm, right? But it was so vivid and happy-looking lying around in the shop, that I had to have a piece for a summer blouse/top.

I've bought the next fabric, because I thought it looked interesting and would be great for a skirt or a dress. Since I am partial to dresses, I've bought enought for a dress. It consists of 65% oly and I have no idea about the rest, because I couldn't decode it on the fabric's label. I've chosen this Vogue 1190 for it so far, but I think it might be just too heavy for this pattern. Maybe only the color palette of the fabric made me think of the pattern and it'll become something else.

I also prewashed the fabric and since it's all somehow embroidered, a piece of it ended up like this, so I'll have to fix it or avoid it when placing a pattern on the fabric. 

Here's the last fabric from the stash above and it's a 100% poly again. I think it would make a nice boho Summer blouse, maybe this BWOF 6/2009-108.

Sooo, the only thing I need now is some spare time to sew - hopefully and maybe this weekend?

Happy sewing to everyone :-)!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Butterick 5495 Top

I don't sew much lately and it doesn't make me happy. But I am not surprised, that I don't sew much, because after my much loved 3-week Christmas break I somehow knew that my job won't let me. Not that I wouldn't have some spare time, but I am often so mentally tired that I can't force myself into doing anything after getting home from work. 

But the weekend before the last one I finally had the time and desire to sew and grabbed this pattern and a piece of fabric bought the day before and made myself a top. It's Butterick 5495 and I made the view C with semi-long(?) sleeves (neither long, nor short), in the size 8.

This post would have been written about a week ago, but I just wasn't able to get some decent photos of me, the top or me in the top. My camera made some bad photos, so this is probably the third attempt and I know this time the pics are all somehow grainy, but well, I am giving up this time.

Anyhow, to the pattern. It's an easy one to sew up. I had it done in a couple of hours - tracing the pattern (I trace them, don't cut them), cutting the fabric and having it all sewn up. 
I made it in the size 6 and it is more fitted than in the picture, but otherwise it looks very much like the pattern picture.

The pattern has got only 4 pieces, one of them looking rather odd, but it all comes together nicely and easily. There is a gathering  in the middle - under the bust area where a stripe of the fabric holds the gathers together. Although the cleavage is not one of the narrow ones, I don't need to wear a camisole under the top, because it doesn't gape.

It really is an easy top to sew up and it is very versatile - in my opinion - suitable under a cardi, a jacket or left alone for a more casual look. I would recommend it ;-).

Have a great week :-) !