Saturday, December 28, 2013

Noialand Felt Cuteness

As I mentioned in some of my previous (very rare) posts, I still don't sew anything that would have to take me more than a couple of hours. It probably depends on the type of a worker/sewist I am - I need at least a couple of hours for myself to work on a project. I can't steal 30 minutes here and 20 minutes there to work on something. But since my Adam was born, my life has been pretty much like that - a couple of free minutes here and a half an hour there, so I didn't start to sew anything, that couldn't be finished veeery quickly. And since I am a very slow sewist (and have long been without any practice), even a simple top wouldn't fit the "quick project" category.

Having said that, I really miss sewing (and crafting), so in the past few weeks, I was trying to make at least something, even if it wasn't anything to wear. Which has finally brought me to the subject of this post (pheeeew :) - these cute felt dolls.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an Etsy shop called Noialand Patterns. It's a shop full of PDF patterns on how to make these completely adorable felt dolls. I've bought a handful of them, because I just couldn't resist and made a couple of them immediately. 

The wise owl is complete as you see it, as well as the little blue owl from this owl garland. The French bakery girl is still missing her shoes and a tray with some baked goods and the little snowman needs a hat to be complete, but I like the felt dolls so much, that I am showing them even like this. 

The felt creatures are all hand sewn and even though some of the hand sewing is quite elaborate (read time consuming), they are great fun to make. The good thing about projects like these is that even if I don't have a chance to start and finish them in a single sewing session, I don't have a problem with getting "into the project" again - I just pick it up and continue from where I last left.

If you are interested in dreamy and fairytale-like blogs, there is also a Noialand blog featuring the felt fairytale characters and many more cute things to look at. 

Since I am writing all these odes about these patterns, I need to say, that I am in no way affiliated with the Noialand patterns shop or its owner. I just think that the patterns are so cute, that it would be a shame not to let you know about them :)! 

Noialand Wise Owl
a French bakery girl - a snowman from a Christmas garland - an owl from an owl garland

I hope you all have a great year behind
 and an even better one ahead!

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